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Church Website after Covid-19

As we all know, the spread of covid-19 has hit the world very badly. The pandemic wave has shut down not only the business, but the emotions of human beings. People are grieving over financial loss, cancelled plans, and for many, lost loved ones.

For churchgoers, their sacred place had been closed for more than a year and now the doors are open to worship freely without masks, but many are still not comfortable. In these uncertain times, people turn to their church community for worship and communal gathering. Unfortunately, this pandemic has forced many to stay inside their homes.

We know that everyone wants spiritual and communal nourishment and wants to be together with their community during this painful time. Yes, the physical doors of the church are closed, but the spirit is very much alive.

But how can your church bring everyone together in the same room where they can worship Jesus. The answer to your question is very simple. Your church can have its website where every single follower can experience the Lord’s presence and can worship from anywhere with online meetings. And this is how your church’s website becomes a vital tool during and after covid-19.

Now you must be thinking about how a website is going to help us. In this article, we will guide you how a church website has become a vital tool.

1. Know your church

As you all know that during the pandemic we cannot go to the church physically but what happens when a church comes to us digitally? This is the big advantage of technology, it brings everything closer. A church website will allow followers to explore serving opportunities at church, connect with their congregation and community, forward helpful information to others, and more.

On the website, one can get valuable information such as community bulletins, event calendars, volunteer sign-up forms, blog posts, podcasts, recorded sermons, social media links, etc. The website will also provide great opportunities for members of the congregation to stay well-informed and stay active with events happening at the church, as well as events and programs the church is sponsoring or organizing.

2. Welcome Outsiders

With the help of the church website, one can invite prospective guests and those who are seeking spiritual guidance. If the website is SEO friendly then anyone can easily find church from the Google search and reach church to worship Jesus.

A lot of prospective guests or new members may be unsure about attending church simply because they haven’t been to one before and are afraid of being rejected or being perceived as an outcast. Therefore, a good informative website with keywords can be found easily on Google by the people seeking fellowship.

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3. You can have Prayer together

In the physical church, one has to go and attend the Bible study but due to lockdown, people can’t afford to step out of their home. But if you have access to a church’s website, you can easily attend the online Bible study and prayer meeting.

Additionally, the website can share handouts and information from different groups, so that others can access it and become involved. Overall, with an online presence, the church can see more engagement from the members and guests and be able to build an active platform where the community members can get involved and support one another.

4. Digital Way to receive donations

Did you know that 49% of all church giving transactions are completed with a card nowadays and 60% of church-goers are willing to donate their tithings digitally? With a church website, you can allow others to donate when it’s convenient for them online. You can include a secure portal that collects payments digitally on your website.

After considering all the benefits of building a website that can help your church and congregation, you do not want to delay building the ideal website any longer. Contact Cross Digital for the most professional and affordable and full-featured church website. We believe that every church in the world deserves an awesome website.

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