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Many business owners don’t understand why their website is not mobile friendly. Do you remember the time you checked a website on your mobile and bounced off to other sites because it was not scaling to the screen?
With the increasing number of internet usage from mobile devices, it is a must for every business to have a responsive website. According to, recent smartphone usage increased to 5.4 hours per day. There are nearly 300 million smartphones in the US.

Responsive design can make your website friendly, improve the way it looks on small and large screens and increase the amount of time the visitor spends on your website. Thus, it improves your ranking in search engine. Responsive websites are Google friendly and ranked high on SEO.
Let us look why every Website should be Responsive Design:
1. Excellent UX (User Experience): Your website works as a brick-mortar store. When someone walks into the store, you will make sure the visitor has the best experience while they are in the store. The same concept should be applied to your online website. According recent study by Microsoft human attention span has reduced from 12 to 8.4 seconds, which is almost 50% reduction. Keeping that in mind, every business must ensure the visitors to their website have excellent experience. Visitors tend to spend more time when the site is responsive and loads within five seconds. Users would like to see good quality images, proper usage of white space, colors, and good readable font size. If a user has to zoom in to find information, there are chances that they may bounce off from your website to your competitor. Your Business may lose customers if your website does not provide great user experience.
2. Website Traffic: Nearly 79% of all global website traffic comes from mobile devices. Responsive design helps with search engine ranking, so ultimately your site is found when searched. The traffic can come to your website from all devices – laptop, desktop, mobile, ipad, etc., ultimately results to increased visitors.
3. Better SEO Ranking: Responsive design promote SEO as Google prefers responsive website design over nonresponsive. Responsiveness is the key determiner of Google rank in SEO. So, if you have a good responsive website you will be in the list of Google else placed lower in SEO. The closer you are to the top; the more is the chance of potential customer to find you.

4. Increased Conversion Rates: Lower bouncing rates and better SEO ranking combine with responsive website result into higher conversion rates. Migrating 3 AdSense website to responsive design resulted in 20%-30% increase in AdSense earning compared to other website versions. For example, skinny ties a brand producing neckties since 1971 experience massive increase in sales & profit by opting responsive website design. Its revenue from all devices increased to 42% and bouncers rate dropped to 23%. The easier you make the visitor to find you the more likely you are to convert them into business.

Business owners need to analyze their website when their ROI is poor from the social media campaignsemail marketingPPC (pay-per-click) and direct mail efforts. If not, you are throwing out money through window. It is important to find partner that will assess everything before proceeding to any type of campaigns. At CROSS digital we offer responsive website design services to help your website look exceptional and grow your business. We, as a small business marketing agency, we put ourselves in your shoes when spending money for marketing or website design. Want to know how, contact us now for a free consultation.

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