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Your website is the first point of contact with the visitors of your brand. Thus, the first impression has to be the best one for the audience. As such, a website is your doorway to target prospective customers as well as to engage existing ones, it is crucial to get your website designed with an experienced designer who understands the requirements of the website, your ideas, thought process, and expectations. Your website pretty much works as a brick-and-mortar store and works 24×7. Before you hand over the web designing project to any designer, you must ask the web designer some crucial questions.
Here, we are listing a few questions that you may ask your web designer when you are outsourcing the website designing project
  •  What type of websites do you design?
Designers who have worked on various types of websites such as e-commerce, microsites, IT, B2B, etc. will have no issues designing your site. The one who has vast experience in designing various kinds of websites should be considered as they have an eye for detail and know what kind of designs suits your requirements.
  • Can you provide links to websites that you have designed? 
An expert designer can offer you a list of the past portfolio that he/she has designed in the past. This will give you an idea of the designs and if it fits your quality and taste or not.

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  • How long will it take to design my website?
    A web designer can give you an estimated time-frame for completing the website design according to the kind of website you would require.
  • What details do you require from me before starting the project?
  • Before the project begins, you can provide a list of details such as the layout structure, images, account information, design feedback, content, images, passwords, etc.
  • Who will be the single point of contact (SPOC)?
Generally, the project manager looks after the website and is considered the SPOC who manages the entire website development project. It is perfectly fine to know if the designer should be contacted or the project manager.
  • What will be the process of your design?
You may ask website designers about the documented design process if they use any particular project management software. This ensures that the workflows in a standardized predetermined manner from beginning till end with professionalism.
  • Do you create SEO integrated web design?
SEO is an integral part of the website and you can ask for a detailed SEO plan which will be helpful to optimize your website. As a result, your website will have a higher rank in the search engines and it directly relates to generating more leads and sales.
  • What will be the approximate budget?
This is one question that you need to communicate and clarify beforehand because, for every customized website, a lot of things need to be considered including web hosting, domain registration, images, plugins, security, amount of space, email addresses, backup, and restore, 24×7 tech support, etc. Remember, your website is what gets value for your business and you are not going to have a single-page website. A responsive, scalable, and attractive website brings more visitors and a higher conversion rate.
  • What about maintenance and future updates after design completion?
In the future, you may require to update web pages, visual elements, redesign, content amendments, etc. Therefore, ask your designer if he will like to have long-term relationships for maintenance and future updates of your website designs.
  • Ask if the website will go through end-to-end testing before the launch?
Lastly, you should always ensure with the designer, if the website has undergone testing and that it is free from any bugs and errors. The testing part is necessary for the smooth working of the website.

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Got a Project? Let’s Connect.

Need a quote on a re-design or a new project? Give us details on your project and let us help you!

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