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A website is the core of your brand’s online marketing presence. Thus, the first impression matters, which revolves around the home page. It serves as the cornerstone on which you build everything else. An eye-tracking study by the Missouri University of Science and Technology shows that visitors form a first impression in less than two-tenths of a second when visiting a website. It takes about 2.6 seconds for a user’s eyes to get to the part of a page that most affects their first impression. Whether a visitor converts to a buyer depends on how they use your website. You must consider the user experience when creating your website. So, how do you attract visitors to your website? What kind of user experience do you provide that makes a website visitor into a customer?
Here are five specific ways you can humanize it:
1. Identify your target audience and address them directly:

Your message is more likely to reach the target demographic if your website focuses on just that audience. Or, if you try to pitch your business to everyone, you are less likely to connect with the right audience. So, understand your target audience and learn everything about them in the first place. Who is the perfect customer for you? Are they male, female, or a mix of both? What is their average age? How much money does your top customer make annually? If you’ve done any sort of customer acquisition for your business, you might already be aware of some of these things.

Once you have defined it, you want to create a website that speaks to your audience. If your target audience is older, a large typeface and a message of safety and quality would be beneficial for your website. Similarly, if you’re marketing to millennials, you’ll want additional media (videos, images, etc.) and social integration.

2. Use authentic and high-quality pictures:

What could possibly go wrong when it comes to website images? Either there are no pictures at all, or there are a lot of images that are of bad quality. Customers may likely assume that your work will be of low quality if you can’t even bother to take attractive photos to display your services. If you are using stock images for your website, it’s almost impossible to humanize them. Because it comes as a question of the authenticity of the business. 

You can hire a professional photographer who is good at clicking posed yet natural photos. Then, you can embed these pictures all across your website to give other pages some legitimacy. Not every image you use needs to be exclusive to your brand, as most businesses can’t afford to do that. But, as we are talking about the home page of the website, it needs authenticity. Thus, either you can put in the extra effort and learn some photography abilities for your main pages, such as your homepage, about, services, etc., or take the help of someone you know who knows good photography or hire a local photographer.

3. UX and UI are two main aspects of the Best website design:

The User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are interconnected. The design and implementation of the physical, digital, and visual components that convey your brand’s message are referred to as user interfaces (UI). The user experience (UX) of a website design is something that should be carefully considered. It needs to focus on enhancing usability, convenience, and enjoyment. So, while you are looking into providing a great user interface, improve page loading speed. 0–4 seconds is the ideal speed. The speed of your website affects how it will rank on Google as a direct ranking element, as well as your site’s bounce rate and average session length. 

On the other hand, providing easy navigation to your website is equally important. Visitors tend to quit and visit another website if they can’t access what they’re looking for. Make the navigation simpler for visitors to access the information they need and enhance the accessibility of your website. Avoid overcrowding your homepage with offerings. Also, make sure all of your buttons are clearly labeled and easy to view. 

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4. Have scannable and user-friendly content on your website:
You want your visitors to read through your website. Isn’t it? But, the truth is, the majority of people prefer to scan stuff online rather than read it. Unless they have enough free time and decide to read anything that attracts their attention.

Always keep in mind that your viewers are impatient searchers. Therefore, prefer using subheadings, bullets, or numbered lists whenever possible. Always avoid using lengthy, confusing paragraphs and instead write shorter phrases. These excellent practices can improve the readability, interest, and eye appeal of the text. Additionally, stay away from using corporate jargon. Stick to language that your target audience can easily understand. A skilled content marketing company will be able to pinpoint your target market and present a viable strategy proposal.
5. Constantly tweak and update with the latest news and stories:
Last but not the least, maintaining your website on a regular basis helps humanizing your website. Websites shouldn’t stand alone. You don’t make something and then abandon it. Continually improving and updating your site in accordance with current trends will increase user engagement.
Final words:
Many businesses neglect their clients in favour of focusing exclusively on their brand. You need to shift gears and put your audience first. After all, you want your website to provide a high return on investment. Your website needs to be made relatable by humanizing it. Does your business need expertise in boosting its content strategy and web design? Hiring a web development agency is a go-to solution if you want to create a top-notch website design for your business. CROSS Digital Marketing Agency in Boston provides a range of services that can help you develop and launch the most humanized and user-friendly website possible. To find out more about how we can help your company maximize ROI, book a free consultation with us right away. Contact us at 8888631150 or send us an email at For more information, you can visit our website at

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