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Landing Pages
Landing pages are considered an important potential effort for generating leads for your business. A landing page is different from the homepage, so do not get confused between the two. The homepage consists of a lot of messages, visuals, and text, on the other hand, the landing pages are designed to communicate customized messages to the targeted audience and direct them towards an actionable task. The landing page sends a clear message that you impart to your visitors that induce them to take the next step of converting them as your prospective lead.

You can direct the audience to visit your landing pages through push notifications, emails, social media ads, direct messages, etc. Before building a landing page, you must know the essential elements in each landing page. Let’s take a look at the 5 essential elements that an effective landing page must possess.
The first and foremost element that can draw anyone’s attention to your landing is a headline that is peppy, catchy, and concise. A headline hooks your audience so they will be interested to check in the page and scroll further. It should be short and clear, yet conveys the main idea of the brand. You can use sub-headings if required to elaborate on the products or services. However, it is essential that the headline should be unique and creative.
A landing page without any images or visuals results in a higher bounce rate. This shows that the page is not relevant or interesting to the visitor. Therefore, visuals are extremely important for the landing pages as the images deliver the information faster than the text. As the saying goes “a picture is worth more than 1000 words” and CROSS Digital believes “a video is worth more than a million words.” Exciting images including video have a deep impact in explaining the idea. Make a note to prevent keeping a stock of images.
  • Clear yet Concise Description
The landing page should deliver a clear and concise description of the message. Your copy must be persuasive and should explain why the audience should check your landing page. You may include a ‘pain point’ faced by your audience and what can your products or services do to solve it. Details of the features offered by your products or services should be balanced, it should not be too much or too short. The right words in the right quantity are enough to generate quality copy. The only key is that it should be simple, short, and clear to decipher the message.

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  • Trust Indicators
Developing the trust factor in the mind of the visitors is a way to encourage them to check out your landing pages. Trust indicators could be a list of clients, testimonials, reviews, star ratings, affiliations, awards, trust badges, etc. These factors boost the reliability of your brand and the visitor will feel more confident for indulging in your brand.
  •  Call-to-Action (CTA)
The actual goal of your landing page is the conversion and CTA is critical for generating leads. CTA is displayed as a standalone button and clicking on takes you to a lead capture form. The form should not ask the visitor to enter a lot of information. Only basic information such as name, email address, contact numbers, and location works well. The prospect should never spend too much time filling out information. Apart from this, the CTA button should have a catchy heading with proper font color and size. Phrases like ‘submit’, ‘click here’, or ‘sign up’ are so old-fashioned and monotonous. Hence, use creative phrases such as ‘Book my Appointment’, or ‘Start My One Month FREE Trial’. These are the 5 essential elements that a landing page must possess to enhance the effectiveness. Ensure all the visuals and CTA are placed appropriately on the landing pages. Avoid crowded with the banners, several CTA buttons placed, loads of images, etc. The purpose is to invite, engage and convert the potential leads. Therefore, do not deviate from the goal of developing a landing page that converts.

If you are missing a landing page on your website then you are at the bottom of the game. It is time to revamp your website with the addition of a landing page or two that will boost brand awareness and visibility. CROSS Digital Marketing Agency ensures that your landing pages cover all the essentials and grab the attention of your visitors. Whether you are launching a landing page or want a customized website developed, CROSS Digital Marketing Agency will help you to target the potential leads for higher sales and revenue.

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