Effects of Email Marketing

Email Marketing
“Should I consider email marketing, or shouldn’t I?”
Do you also ask this question to yourself more often as you are a marketer or want to run your online business?
Look, email marketing is very simple to understand — you use email templates and write an email copy, after that you send that copy to the email listers to promote your company’s product or services.
Isn’t it simple?
Certainly, Email marketing is important, and you should consider this in your digital marketing — it helps to develop relations with your current customers and for reaching out to potential leads.

Still not convinced?
A Statista report of 2018 said that there were 3.7 billion people who were using email in 2017. Amazed? We are, too!!!

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They also estimated that there might be around 4.3 billion in 2022.

Now we are guessing that we’ve convinced you — Email Marketing has the potential to help you reach out to the valuable customer/leads to grow your business/brand.

Let’s move towards the pros and cons of email marketing because they are crucial to know before considering email marketing for your business.

Let’s dive into the topic —


Direct repetitive traffic to your company’s website

Isn’t it amazing to receive more traffic to your website through an email? Email marketing can help you to redirect your visitors back to your website again and again, if you offer something valuable to them, every time. You shouldn’t share a sales pitch, instead offer a free pdf, ebook, video, something to download, or something exciting about your product so that they go back to your website again and again without getting bored. This will help visitors to remember your brand and recall your products while they need to buy them. 

Spread brand awareness more easily and fast 

Who doesn’t want to get brand recognition? Every business owner, right? Email marketing can do this for you if you also want to build brand awareness just by showcasing your business to your target audience. You need to build a personality of your brand with a unique, eye-grabbing, and eye-pleasing design that must be recognizable by audiences. Be consistent with the tone and color scheme of emails while targeting your audience through email marketing.  

Allows personalization and segmentation

The audience loves personalized emails! Don’t you like it when someone sends you a personalized note, message, or anything else? The same goes here. Email marketing allows you to personalize the email and segment your customers as well — so that you can create different kinds of customer lists according to your email ideas. It helps to boost customer engagement with you. 


You can be spammy for your customers

Wondering how? Perhaps commercial emails can be irritating to some of your clients/customers, and they should move your emails to the spam folder. But let us tell you that you can save yourself from becoming an irritating emailer to your customers. But how? Be authentic and target the right audience through your email — don’t just send your email to any random person — check if that person is really into these kinds of services or products that you offer. Also, don’t forget to ensure that your email marketing complies with privacy and data protection rules. 

It requires consistency and constant updates 

If you want to jump into the ocean of email marketing, then you should make sure — you are going to be consistent with your emails and updates to send to your audience. You can’t expect the conversion results without being consistent with your email campaigns. Fresh content and new information are what an audience desires from a brand, so you need to ensure this before just jumping into this world. 

Can be tough sometimes to stand out

You might start feeling creative-blockage or overwhelmed with the market competition. Perhaps you think not to do this anymore as you need to be more creative with each of your emails. However, you can pass through these feelings by taking some time out. You can stand out in the market amongst the competition with your best email ideas.

So, are you ready to explore the email marketing world?

Doing email marketing can be a stress for you as it takes enough time and creativity.

Don’t worry!

Here we are to help you — talk to us, and we will help you with email marketing to grow your business. 

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