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Social Media Marketing
Social media started off with the intention to get individuals across the globe, but it has gone more than just connecting. Now it has become the most cost-effective way marketing your brand with stories behind it. It is also two-way communication when comparing to traditional marketing.

You also come to know your target and potential clients their needs and wants based on the social shares. Social media helps business increase the website traffic, increase brand awareness with Brand identity. The more engaged your audience is on social media network the easier it will be for you to achieve your marketing goal.

Using social media to promote your business is more than posting content or an Ad. Ready to get started with marketing on social media?
Follow some of these tips to promote your business on social media:
1.Choose Right Platform: There are many social platforms to choose from to market your business, such as: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snap Chat, YouTube, Twitter and others, but not every platform may or may not be beneficial to your business. First analyze which is the best platform for your investment. You need different game plan based on social media channel. While choosing the platform, you should think about your customer and your business. Always create account on platforms that is used by your target audience most, so that it is easy to connect.
2. Build your Profile page: The more information you share on the profile that shares about your core business and values, which helps potential clients to connect to your brand. Fill in the about sections, locations, add photos, create headers, choose profile pictures, and customize URL’s etc.
3.Create Post Calendar: Plan and develop social media strategy for content and Ad post to reach maximum number of audiences and to engage them. Posting content and Ad posts without can confuse your audience and drive away from your posts than attract. The content and design must be fresh and attention grabbing, so ample time needs to be spent for quality check for content quality, spelling and grammatical errors.

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4.Encourage Engagement: Always make proper advantage of social capabilities and encourage interactions. Post content that your audience is interested to read, ask questions, like comment on other user’s posts. A good research about your audience will surely prove a boon and help you figure out what they like. Another important factor to consider is consistency, which is key to engage with your audience.
5. Do not over promote: Never treat social media like regular advertising. Do not promote yourself blatantly in every post instead share contents or comments on current events.
6. Share Video: As the saying goes “picture is worth thousand words”, but we say video is worth million words. Video content stands out and works well on social media. It is ideal for grabbing people’s attention as well as conveying your passion to your customers. By creating interesting narrative video, you can promote your business with best comments and reactions.
7. Brand advocates & User generated content: Make sure to create and post content that is important for your customers. A study showed that 55% of converted customer interacted with user generated content. So, once you have decided the network and have a campaign strategy for your audience, the next job is to post and encourage followers and clients to share about your business.
8. Address Problems fast: You may often encounter audience who is disappointed, argumentative or negative to talk about your brand. Hence you should carefully monitor the comments of your brand on social media, so that issues are caught before they are escalated. This way the audience who read your posts find your business responsive.
9. Influence Partnership: Seek out Influencers on social media, who can tell your brand stories through their account. For example, Wonderful Pistachio found their ideal partner in Yoga girl and combined faces to promote their healthy snack. When you create a community around your brand the people within can help you promote your content by engaging with each other.

10. Add Value: Creating something that your audience find useful and makes them laugh, learn, entertain is always beneficial. This will help your business to attract customers to your business page and makes them follow on social sites and share the content.

With Nearly 3 billion active users’ on social media. Social media is a gold mine for new customers and opportunities for every business. Whatever business you may have, our digital marketing team at Cross digital can help you promote your business on all social media channels and beyond.

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