Social Media and Restaurant Industry

social media for restaurants
Unless you live on a deserted island or in a dense forest, you must have seen the impact of social media on the world. Digital transformation has not only influenced businesses and made the world more accessible, but it has also changed the whole scenario of how we look at the industries today.

By industry, we don’t mean the hardcore industry like Automobile or Mining. Here, we are talking about the Restaurant Industry. Without a doubt, social media has become a serious marketing tool for many independent restaurants. Of course, you do not need a multi-million-dollar budget to be effective on social media.

There was a time when the restaurant industry-dependent heavily on selling good food to their potential customers but now the customers are Instagramming photos of food, checking in on Facebook, writing lengthy reviews on Google, and following their favorite spots on Twitter. For many consumers, social media platforms are a way to share their dining experience with their friends and of course with their online community. Each time a guest posts a photo of a dining experience or dish, society and the “digital world” can convert to followers, potentially leading to new customers!

Now you must be wondering, how these social media platforms are benefiting the restaurant industry
5 ways social media is changing the restaurant industry, along with tips regarding how restaurateurs can make the best of them:
1. With the help of Influencers

One of the biggest ways is with the rise of “influencers,” or people with accounts that have a sizable number of followers who leverage their online population by partnering with brands, then posting sponsored content or ads featuring those companies or their products. Lately, restaurants have also started partnering with influencers, helping to raise their awareness with this often-millennial audience.

The concept is simple: restaurants reach out to individuals on Instagram who have a certain amount of followers and ask them if they would be interested in posting about their offerings. Some restaurants offer free food to influencers who post about their dishes, while others will pay for sponsored posts. It’s a symbiotic relationship that both parties benefit from. So, why wasn’t this idea thought up sooner?

2. For the sake of Instagram

Imagine, you went out to dinner with your friends and you wanted to step away to go to the bathroom and suddenly you entered a designer’s paradise. There were mosaic sinks, velvet curtains, exposed brick, and perfectly dim lighting. Doesn’t it sound beautiful? After seeing that you immediately returned to your table so that You could photograph and Instagram your newly found surroundings—it just had to be done.

Many restaurants make sure that their decor is top-notch so that they can attract new customers. Why? Because the properly chosen decor can help you to attract more customers to your business, influence their appetite and, as a result, increase your profits.

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3. Consumers want everything on their phones

Nowadays, we have apps for every single commodity. For example- if you want to go somewhere you just book an Uber through your phone and reach your destination on time. So why not an application for finding a good restaurant. Restaurants should work with a tech team to create an app that allows customers to review, browse the menu and nutrition information, order, make a reservation, etc. Despite mobile’s growing popularity, restaurateurs should rely on word of mouth to increase their knowledge of their app. Seventy-seven percent of app users found out about an app based on recommendations from friends and family. If creating an app is not currently feasible, a mobile-friendly site is necessary.

4. Reviews and Recommendations are important

Consumers often use social media to find restaurant locations, reviews, and nutritional information. 86 percent of Millennials will try a new restaurant after seeing food-related content online. And 92 percent of consumers read restaurant reviews and 33 percent say they would never eat in a restaurant with less than four stars, so each customer must have a positive experience.

5. An easy outlet for loyalty programs.

Who doesn’t love coupons, promos, or discounts from brands? Help customers help you by rewarding them for supporting your restaurant. Exclusive content and deals for consumers who “Like” and follow a restaurant’s pages strengthen their rapport in the restaurant, essentially leading to a wider, positive spread of word-of-mouth and social media marketing. People are more likely to share content that’s valuable and relevant. By providing online perks, you’re encouraging customers to spread your restaurant’s name across their social networks.

If you own a restaurant or are in charge of its marketing, and you’re not taking advantage of these social media channels, you’re without a doubt late to the party. By not using social media, you’re missing out on a great marketing opportunity that can help your business grow!

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