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In the high-technology era, social media platforms have managed to enter the lives of the majority of people across the world. As consumers, people spend over 2 hours on social media in a day. Facebook is currently the most used social media platform. So it will not be wrong to say that businesses can reach a massive consumer base through Facebook.

Having a Facebook business page can help a business reach and connect with its current and potential consumer base. Currently, there are over 50 million business pages on Facebook. Moreover, studies show that 93% of consumer buying decisions are based on social media.

Facebook has become a powerful network for reaching new and existing customers. It is also a versatile marketing tool. It allows you to mold your approach around the unique aspects of the desired audience, the goals for your business, and the budget you have. Having said that, Did you know that Facebook can put your business page/ account into their “personal JAIL”, known as Facebook JAIL? GOT CONFUSED!! If you are in Facebook Jail, it means that you now cannot post on Facebook. So, here are some tips and tricks that can be applied to get out of such a situation. If you have no idea what we are talking about then you should read this article. Here we will share with you everything about how to avoid being blocked by Facebook and how to get out of it.
But What is Facebook Jail?

As we all know that Facebook provides Community Standards and Advertising Policies to business accounts but it takes hours to read the whole thing and there’s no guarantee that you’ll understand all of it due to the language used. Now, here Facebook Jail plays a big role. HOW?

Facebook Jail is a term that is widely used when the site blocks your ability to post or comment on the content already posted. This block can be temporary and can also be permanent. It can lead to account termination as well.

There are many reasons for which the site blocks pages or profiles to post the content. It all depends upon the type of offense that has been committed. Getting out of the Facebook jail is in your own hands. You can avoid the situation fully if you read this article till the end.

1. Try to provide HIGH-QUALITY ADS

Every single thing in the world has some certain standards which also includes advertisements. Therefore when you put an ad in your Facebook campaign make sure they reach a certain standard. The weaker the ad, the more likely you are going to face issues. Over time, Facebook Jail is almost certain if ads are constantly getting rejected. Keep the following in mind to produce strong ads that Facebook will love:

● Text-to-image ratio
● Accurate information
● Relevance
● Image quality

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2. Know your site properly

There are many chances that small business owners don’t know their site properly. They only believe in aggressive marketing. And that’s how they end up being in Facebook Jail. Therefore, it is very important to get to know how the website works and how you can benefit from the features of the site.

Too much knowledge is dangerous and the same happens with the people as they start manipulating the algorithm of the site. Always remember that the people that are sitting in the management of Facebook are smarter than us. You will not only get banned, but if the offense content is posted repeatedly then you might be kicked out permanently.

3. Avoid Spam Bot

We know the feeling when you are ready for your next post to share with your audiences, but you need to wait in between posts. There is always a timeline or gap between the posts. If you post the same content across multiple pages and groups at once, Facebook will flag this as spam and your account will suffer.

To avoid Facebook Jail, just wait a couple of minutes between each post. Let your posts reach your consumer. Give some space. Not only will this keep Facebook happier, but you’re also less likely to frustrate users that are members of all the groups in which you want to post.

4. Don’t Give too much Information

Balance is key to everything. Therefore when you share any information on your profile or page that must be balanced. It is a simple phenomenon and the business models should be developed in the same manner. Sharing every bit of detail is neither recommended nor Facebook likes it.

If you are running a business page then it is important that you only post 5 – 6 times a day. Telling customers everything on Facebook is not likable and at times the customers also get frustrated by getting constant notifications. Such users won’t hesitate to mark your page as spam and get you into trouble.

5. Beware of Trolls

As a business owner/manager, you’re likely to encounter people who leave negative/spam comments on posts and pretend to be you. The spam reporting system on Facebook has good and bad sides. The system allows users to report actual spam, but it also allows saboteurs to report competitors as spam. If you suspect sabotage or troll behavior, block the user immediately. Facebook privacy rules are made, so that you can stop anybody from seeing your posts.

6. Create Original Content

The best strategy any business can adopt is to create your own original content. Why we are saying this is because business pages are often blocked because they’ve used images from Google’s search results, which had already been marked as SPAM. If you use the pictures that Google suggests, remember they have been reported on Facebook as spam earlier. That means you have to be very careful when you go to share them, your post will also obtain all the complaints that photos might already have.

7. Be there for your consumers

What is the point of creating a business page when you are not available for your potential consumers? Providing adequate information on your page is the only way you can connect with them. It is something that Facebook likes and the information presented should be permanent.

Permanent information shows that you are here to stay and are the owner of a legit business. The information section of your page should reflect instantly who you are and what the page is about. This will also help you in generating leads and get more new users regularly.

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