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Improve SEO Ranking in 2021

SEO is important for every business that is available at online marketplaces. You need to be creative and unique when it comes to designing, content, and style of the website. You can lose the business if your web pages are not ranked on the SERPs or not listed on the first page. Therefore, your SEO website is a key to target, engage and connect with potential clients. At the same time, an attractive and responsive website is going to drive more traffic, better chances of generating leads, and increasing ROI.

How to improve SEO Ranking is one of the questions that run through the mind of every digital marketer as well as the business owner for better profitability.

1. Improve your Website Loading Speed

This is one area that you need to be sure that the speed of loading the page is fast. A slow-loading page will turn off the visitor right away and this will lead to a higher bounce rate. People do not have time to encounter the slow speed. Therefore, ensure that not only the landing pages but also navigation from one page to another is speedy.

2. Multiple Device Friendly

Your website adapts immediately to different devices (mobile, desktop, tablets, or iPad). Responsive web design is very important for Google and for search engine optimization. Stronger backlinks and better bounce rates also help for overall higher SEO rankings.

3. Mobile Friendly Websites:

With the increase in number of mobile users, there has been an astonishing rise in the use of mobile apps along with using the website on the mobile phones. Moreover, the customer spend more time on the mobile beyond working hours. Thus, it is necessary that your website should be mobile friendly or opt for mobile apps that gives better UI and UX.

4. Stick to the unique content that has primary and secondary keywords:

Get rid of the old content from your website and other web pages. Improving and updating the content is necessary to break the monotony. No one will like to see the old content repeatedly, and there are chances that the user may switch over to competitors or other websites. Besides, the content of your website should focus on the primary and secondary keywords to boost SEO. Google friendly writing that meets all the mandatory parameters should be used on the web pages. You can also use long tail keywords in the content.

5. Enhance your backlink portfolio:

A major part of the SEO is related to the backlinks for the off-page techniques. If you have a diversified portfolio, then the Google will consider your websites a trusted and authoritative source instead of counting you in the list of spammers. Most important, ensure that the site where you are promoting your content should allow you to link with your website / web pages. Apart from this, to boost SEO, you must work on the directories, or sites that offer listing of your business / niche as an expert.

6. Using Header Tags:

When you are preparing the content, ensure that the page should have an organized structure along with the central idea visible on the top of the page. For gaining better benefits of the targeted keywords, you can add jump links leading to the top of the web page. As a result, user will have better UX and will let you use the header tags in a more effective way. This will also target Google Featured Snippets. The use of header tags makes the SERPs to identify and analyze the content. Avoid contents running into hundred paragraphs without any header. That looks so dull and uninspiring to the viewer.

7. Optimize Images:

Do not overlook the optimization of images as it drives a lot of traffic. To boost SEO, visual content also needs to be optimized by using alt text that is descriptive, distinctive, and relevant to the content of the web page. You can use the content keywords also for the alt tag to give the details of the content of the image.

8. Meta Descriptions and URLs:

Ensure that the URLs as well as the Meta Descriptions of the web page should be clean. The language of the URLs and meta tags should be short, and related to the content of the web page. Similarly, you must use the keyword(s) in URLs and Meta Description for targeting the audience.

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