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The food business has been growing dramatically over the past few years, and sustaining the business revenue has become a task. Besides marketing another important component that is essential is your menu. If you own a restaurant, bar or cafe you will know the importance of the food quality and appearance. It doesn’t matter if you are a high-end dining restaurant or a small takeaway, people make choices based on their first impression.

And the first impression in any restaurant is the menu. Don’t just consider your menu as a list of food options and price; think about it more like a tool for marketing as well. There is no doubt that your menu will be seen by both existing customers as well new customers. Here are a few tips on making them your regular and returning customers, using just your menu.
Make Your Match Your Decor
Your menu design should make sure that it matches the decor, ambience, style and the cuisine of the restaurant. A high-end restaurant can opt for a classic and solid menu, whereas a cafe or contemporary style restaurant can have a colorful and quirky menu. Overall, restaurants feel must be reflected on your menu.
Easy-To-Read Menu
Recent studies have shown people read menu’s left to right or top to bottom just like any other content they read. Make sure your menu is aesthetically arranged in a way, it is easy to read for you customers. Divide your menu into sections for each kind of item, eg.: Appetizer, Main Course, Desert, Drinks etc. Don’t make it hard for people to find the dish they want by jumbling the whole menu items.
Separate Sheet For Specials
We personally face the time where we select a certain item on the menu and we are told that was yesterday’s special. You don’t want that kind of disappointment from your customers. Assign a separate page for just your specials so it would be convenient for your customers.

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Add Pictures
Your menu has to be a treat to the eyes, before it’s a treat to the stomach. Make sure to fill your menu with relevant appetizing pictures, so the customers have an idea about what to expect on their order. Be sure to add limited photos instead of cluttering the whole page with pictures, select the ones that are your regular bests. It’s better not to add pictures from the internet, because people tend to get disappointed when they receive something different than what they had expected.
Hire A professional Designer / Printing Company
If you are not aware of how to design, leave it the hands of a professional designer. If your menu does not connect, your customers will assume the same about your food too. Thus never cut corners when it comes to your menu. Bring in a designer and explain to him/her about your restaurant and food items so they can have a better understanding of what they design. Opt for a professional printing company to do the printing work. Even the slightest mistake in look and feel or a typo in the menu will give a wrong idea about your restaurant to your customers.
Laminate Your Menu
It’s very important that you laminate your menu. Laminating your menu ensures that your menu does not tear, crease or get wet when food or drinks are spilled on it, thus saving you from spending on replacing your menu frequently. It also makes your menu classy and sturdy.
Update Your Menu
Updating your menu often is mandatory, don’t leave food items that you stopped serving last year on your menu. When a lot of items in your menu isn’t available it tends to disappoint your customers.
Mention Contact Details
Mention your Email, Contact number or Social Media details on your menu. This makes it easy for people to find your account if they are tagging you in a story, which will eventually increase your sales. Also don’t forget to mention the address of any other branches you might have. This is a great marketing strategy for your other restaurants as well as your customers may try your them as well. With the pandemic hitting hard on restaurant business, it is a very hard comeback. People are still scared to dine in and people still tend to ordering for deliveries or pick up. Maintain proper sanitation and don’t forget to sanitize your menus after each use.

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