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Google Webmaster is a free Google application that assists companies with search engine optimization. It is a fantastic platform for diagnosing everything about a website from Google’s perspective. Some 3.5 billion Google searches are made every day and your website ranking on the first page of Google can be a business lifesaver.
Google Webmaster allows you to monitor and manage the organic search reach of your website.
Below are some ways Google Webmaster can affect your SEO rank:
1. Helps you identify issues with website coverage
You can use the coverage function to find and monitor errors that may have an effect on your site’s overall ranking, search score, or individual pages. Server errors, unindexed pages, crawl issues, unfound URLs, and other issues are all described in it. The tool helps you fix bugs, re-index your site, and inform Google that the issues have been resolved.
2. Conducts a thorough Website Analysis
With Google Webmaster you can open your website results report, view URLs and then use the filter button to monitor individual parts of the website, such as the blog page or your services page. You can also look at CTR, clicks, and other metrics through different devices and regions. This knowledge can be of use particularly when it comes to measuring the success or failures of your marketing campaigns which you can modify to improve your rankings on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
3. Analyzes the results of your performance on a SERP
You can examine these results over time. It is a good idea to keep track of your website’s average location in the SERPs on a monthly basis. This data will indicate whether or not your SEO efforts are successful. If your average position rises, it indicates that your efforts have been worthwhile. However, if your average status falls, you can reconsider your SEO strategy.

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4. Keeps an eye on emerging trends and patterns
You can keep an eye on emerging data patterns and optimize them further with Google Webmaster. You can find out where new organic search traffic is landing and filter down this data to the most recent dates. You can also use Click-Through Rates, impressions, and average ratings to predict where traffic will go in the near future.
5. Assists with regional and international keyword analysis
If local competitors are targeting the same keywords as you, keywords that you think rank well nationally can rank poorly locally. You must pay attention to the tool’s regional filters. These specifics will help you audit the keyword targeting of your page, review the copy, and boost navigation.
6. Distinguishes between organic clicks and local organic clicks

Some 53% of all trackable website traffic comes from organic search. With Google Webmaster, you receive granular search term information that can be used to boost local SEO efforts. The SERPs are hyper-localized, with huge differences in rankings and traffic all the way down to city- and town-level results.

Google Webmaster can help you fix your site to bring in more conversions at a faster pace. It is a tool that must be used frequently in order to drive the most efficiency. Setting it up is just the first step, you will get the most out of it only if you use it on a daily basis.
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