Is your SEO Campaign working?

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Is your SEO Campaign working?

In today’s digital era, succeeding in a business depends on a strong SEO strategy. But how will you know whether it is working? Well, identifying the red flags should be your strategy. Initially, it could be hard to spot, but if you know what to look for, that is all you need to take immediate corrective action. Let’s see the three major indicators and how making necessary adjustments and developing new SEO strategies can help.

1. Is your website indexed in the Google Search

When we create a website, the first thing we would want is to be crawled in the Google search, especially in the top rankings. Isn’t it?
It will be a nightmare if it doesn’t. Usually, a website crawling can take time, as long as 24 hours to index in the Google Search results. If you notice that most of your pages aren’t being crawled, there is a serious issue with the SEO Campaign.
So, the first step would be to perform a website audit, which will help determine the critical issues and recommended actions. Fixing these will help in Google Ranking.
Google Search Console is a tool where you can measure your website’s search traffic and performance. It helps you monitor, maintain, and fix issues in Google Search results.
To increase the indexing speed, ensure that the website size is not too big and content quality is good.

2. Check your website’s click-through rate (CTR)

CTR measures the number of people who clicked through a link to visit a page. It is one of the key performance indicators (KPI), which commonly determines the success rate of SEO campaigns.
The click-through rate indicates how successful a website has been in capturing the visitor interest. If there is a low CTR, people are not interested in that website or can’t find it.
As a rule of thumb, a good CTR is 4% – 5% on the search network and 0.5% – 1% on the display network.

How to improve the CTR?

– A descriptive or long-tail keyword in the headlines and title tags helps make it relevant to what people are looking for.
– An effective meta description helps inform users what the page is about and urges them to click through the post.
– Posts with images help connect visually, which is a powerful way to engage the users.

3. Check your website’s bounce rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of all your website’s sessions that resulted in a bounce, which means people visit one of your pages, and no other action recorded by Google Analytics before their exit.
According to an analytics glossary by Grow Hack Scale, the average website bounce rate is 49%, the lowest being 27.33% and the highest being 90.2%. So, with these figures, how your website is performing.
A bounce rate reflects your website’s visitor engagement. If they are leaving without any action, they are not generating traffic for other pages. As a result, it could reduce your revenue and return on your marketing investment.
How to reduce the bounce rate?
– Do a regular technical audit for broken links on your page.
– Improve your content with proper meta descriptions, page titles, etc.
– Optimize your images for better page load.
– Create a stronger UX (user experience) with proper navigation, menu options, and a clear path to find content.

4. You Don’t Have Goals

The bad SEO strategy is one that doesn’t have a clear goal, thus making it hard to track if it is successful or not. When you can’t track the performance of a SEO strategy, it’s hard to see the ROI. When you start a SEO campaign or sign on a SEO agency in Boston ,MA, make sure that you are clearly defining what success looks like to you and your business. For instance:
• Is it more traffic?
• Is it more leads?
• Is it more revenue?
• Is it building brand awareness?

Once you decide on a goal with your team and what ultimately your SEO experts will be held accountable for achieving, you can then settle on the key metrics that will be reported on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Having a clear goal removes ambiguity in reporting and when you know exactly what you are getting with each report, you’ll then be able to clearly answer the question of “Is our current SEO strategy working”?

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