Press Release

Press Release
August 30, 2020

Cross Digital Marketing Agency promises effectiveness, affordability

BURLINGTON— a company that touts itself as a bridge to cost-effective digital marketing for small businesses that do not have the dollars or resources of larger firms has made its debut in Eastern Massachusetts.

In announcing the August 30 launch of Cross Digital Marketing Agency, Veera Mogilicherla points to his team’s more than sixty years of combined experience in digital marketing.

Cross Digital’s trained experts are ready to deliver “the best bang for the buck” to their clients, Mr. Mogilicherla said.

Digital marketing is the future of advertising, he said. It can be done at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising and marketing by utilizing these powerful platforms: 1) email; 2) social media; 3) a website; and 4) Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Email can be employed for any number of purposes including promotion, newsletters, special offers and thank you notes—for example. It is an excellent way to generate good leads for sales calls.

Social media supported by paid advertising is a perfect tool for growing your business organically, Mr. Mogilicherla said. It provides digital marketers with the opportunity to target prospective clients by area, gender and age.

Website “becomes your brick-and-mortar store” without the need for face-to-face contact—an important consideration in today’s pandemic world, he said.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is already how people connect by the millions with, and and it can be just as rewarding a Return on Investment (ROI) for businesses that use the right key words to draw traffic to their site.

“There has never been a better time for digital marketing than today due to the pandemic that is hurting all of us,” Mr. Mogilicherla said. “As business owners, we need to find new ways to reach and serve potential clients in order to rebuild our businesses for a stronger tomorrow. The answer is Cross Digital Marketing Agency. Cross Digital makes it affordable to do exactly that.”

Mr. Mogilicherla said that Cross Digital team members’ expertise, passion, dedication to excellence and commitment to delivering value are core ingredients in the company’s vision. The goal of Cross Digital is to accelerate clients’ growth in order for them to compete locally and globally.

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