What is Click Fraud

What are the top 5 Apps to detect & prevent Click Fraud?

Click fraud is a type of Internet fraud that happens from pay-per-click (PPC) online advertisements. In this category of advertising, the owners of websites that post the ads are being paid based on how many visitors click on the ads. It is also referred to as the black hat technique. The best digital marketing agency in Boston referred to it as a black hat technique.

Why is there an increased risk of click fraud?

Click fraud is motivated by various reasons. The most prominent are:

  • The company wants to earn more money by increasing the PPC by fraud.
  • A Competitor wants to exhaust the PPC budget.

In some cases, the advertisers and even some publishers use a computer program or automated script that imitates a legit user and clicks on ads. These individuals search for the phrases and keywords used by their competitors and click on their ads each time they come up.

How to detect click fraud on your PPC app?

The best Website Design and development company in Boston and SEO company in Boston suggest several ways to detect click fraud.

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1. Google Analytics

Google Ads has an optimal filter that shows a constant number of clicks. When checking the number of clicks, sometimes the clicks show unusual peaks. if there is no increase in conversion despite the unusual peak in the number of clicks, then you might be the victim of click fraud. If you have faced click fraud then you can review Google Analytics as it offers a number of indicators that can point out the click fraud on your site.

These indicators are:

  • Sudden increment in the number of clicks.
  • No significant change or increase in the conversions.
  • Unusual increase in the number of impressions.

2. Software

There are various software that marketers use for detecting click fraud and this software provides reliable results. The top 5 software to detect and prevent click fraud are mentioned below:

  • Clixtell
  • Clickcease
  • Click Guard
  • PPC protect
  • Appsflyer

You can use any of the above-mentioned software to detect click fraud. The software will work wonders for them and help in the prevention of click fraud.

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