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Accelerated responses and well-thought-out strategies have been saving brands and boosting
their bottom lines during the pandemic. With many different Covid-19 virus variants continuing
to spread and the efficacy of the vaccine still being questioned, going back to life, as usual,
seems uncertain.

But, many companies continue to thrive despite the challenging circumstances. In this
newsletter, we will examine how a restaurant increased it’s revenue during the pandemic,
Google finding an opponent and how Google webmaster can affect your SEO rank.

Success story

This restaurant increased its sales by 400% over 6 months with strategic marketing efforts and
a great website.


Restaurant industry sales were down by $240 Billion in 2020. The fear and uncertainty
surrounding the pandemic had crippled the growth of restaurants. Many restaurants were even
forced to close doors from reopening.

Previously noisy kitchens were now quiet for the first time and the situation was no different for
our client. They were losing business and were looking for ways to increase revenue. Our client
came to us for help with social media marketing and email marketing. We carefully analyzed
their business to realize that their current website is not updated or aesthetically pleasing. We
didn’t see how they could ever convert leads with their existing website. We then convinced the
restaurant owner to let us update their website before starting social media, SEO and email
marketing. They agreed and are now seeing a 400% increase in sales.


sales were
down by
$240 Billion
in 2020.


  1. The pandemic had caused widespread panic
    and the social distancing norms made it
    difficult for people to eat from restaurant.
  2. The restaurant had tough competition in the
  3. Their website was outdated and was not
    appealing to appetite.
  4. Their website didn’t effectively showcase their
    menu offerings.
  5. Their social media presence wasn’t engaging
    and not focused on conversions.
  6. SEO


  1. Cross Digital worked closely with the
    restaurant to build a new website that was
  2. Cross Digital crafted marketing campaigns
    and used both paid and organic digital
    marketing to reach the restaurant’s target
  3. Local advertising was done across channels.
    Social Media posts were created for Instagram
    and Facebook.
  4. Promoted posts were created for Facebook
    and Instagram.
  5. Google ads were created to spread
  6. SEO

The efforts of the restaurant and Cross Digital
were well-received by the audience.


The efforts of the restaurant and Cross Digital were well-received by the audience.

There was a 400% increase in business 6 months of promotions.

Promoted posts and organic posts achieved a significant following and good engagement

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allows you to
monitor and
manage to reach
organic search of
your website.

Findings 1

Has Google finally come face to face with a worthy competitor?

While Google has been enjoying the #1 position in the digital advertising
space, it has a rival now that is emerging as the best hope to challenge it.

The Trade Desk specializes in helping companies buy ads online on
various websites and has now taken a part of Google’s market share.
Google continues to dominate the ad-buying space with a 40% market
share, but The Trade Desk is a close competitor owning 8% of the market

Findings 2

Google webmaster can affect your SEO rank.

Google Webmaster is a free Google application that assists companies
with search engine optimization. It is a fantastic platform for diagnosing
everything about a website from Google’s perspective. Some 3.5 billion
Google searches are made every day and your website ranking on the first
page of the Google can be a business lifesaver.Google Webmaster allows you to monitor and manage to reach organic
search of your website.

Google Webmaster is also know Google Search Central/Console. The
beauty of this tool is, it is free and it measures the traffic to your site and
also fixes website issues. It helps your website to perform on Google
Search Engine. Google Webmasters tools also alerts you if your website
has been infected with malware.

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