Responsive website design helps you solve a lot of challenges related to SEO for your website. It will make your site mobile-friendly, improve the way it looks on all the different devices with both large and small screens, and increase the amount of time that users spend on your site. It will also improve your website rankings on search engines.

These are the ways you can improve SEO ranking:

1. Multiple Device Friendly. Your website adapts immediately to different devices (mobile, desktop, tablets or iPad). Responsive web design is very important for Google and for search engine optimization. Stronger backlinks and better bounce rates also helps for overall higher SEO rankings.

2. Mobile Friendly Websites Are Boosted. The number of mobile searches are continued to increase over the time. 

3. Improves Speed of Your Website. A good website loads within 8 seconds. There are so many websites that load instantly; if your website isn’t loading fast, users will leave and go elsewhere.

4. Keeps Bounce Rate Low. An un-responsive website results in higher bounce rate. Ensure that website has a top-quality design so that visitors stick around for a longer time.

5. Better User Experience. By improving website, you can increase users spend more time on your site. 

6. It’s Cost-Effective. A responsive website is much more cost-effective way to boost your SEO rankings comparative to ad campaigns.

7. Avoid Duplicate Content. Google restricts duplicate content on the websites. So, make sure all of your web content is original and there is no plagiarism, Google will crawl, index and organize your content effectively.