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Even with all of the new marketing technologies and tactics available to us, email marketing is still the simplest, that remains most effective. For many entrepreneurs, Email marketing has already proven itself again and again. Still, there are so many websites without an optimized email lead generation system and strategy. One of the most significant benefits of email lead generation is that it is ranked 2 when it comes to conversion percentages in the e-commerce space, just under SEO. The main reason is people prefer email over any other digital form of communication. In addition, people voluntarily choose to have a subscription to your lead program. Meaning that they are more willing to view and read the information in its entirety because they choose to receive it.

While everybody wants more leads, getting them is another matter. Lead generation is an entirely specialty unto itself. There are plenty of ways to go about it. Some are more successful than others and some are definitely more expensive. Most experienced salesmen like the proven ways. The lead generation tactics that don’t cost an arm and a leg don’t require a degree and don’t need a staff of ten. Like a humble, boring, effective old email.

Those who are in the business-to-business (B2B) industry know that one of the most important parts of growing their business comes from lead generation. This is more than simply emailing potential customers. Instead, it involves continually identifying and reaching out to potential customers through a variety of means in order to convert as many as possible. The problem is that lead generation is difficult. It can be hard to identify good leads to start with, and the process of converting them into paying customers sometimes seems more like luck than anything planned. However, anyone who operates a B2B business knows that lead generation does work if you have the right process in place.

For the better lead generation process, email plays a vital role that includes the best tactics and approaches towards the completion of the lead generation process. These approaches include:
1. Offering of an email newsletter with high value and relevant content

Email newsletters deliver a variety of messages. Some promote products or events. Others build community among a membership base or offer tips and advice. If you want to grow your business, it’s essential to understand the effectiveness of email newsletters in providing relevant content about a particular topic. This channel beats out other digital marketing tools to help you sign up subscribers, convert subscribers into customers, and then deepen brand loyalty of your existing customer base.

2. Set up of the triggered emails

These are automatically activated when someone takes a specific action. That could be downloading a whitepaper, filling out a contact form, or placing an order. When the trigger of events happens, your email marketing system automatically sends out a series of emails. The emails have content tailored to the sort of person who would take that particular action. This basically lets you automate your follow-ups. It’s lead nurturing on autopilot.

3. Segmenting of emails according to subscriber behavior

Segmenting makes your emails more relevant to your readers. Relevant email messages, emails that have content subscribers are actually interested in; get more opens, clicks, and sales.

4. Making your emails shareable

As people still forward emails to their friends, family, and colleagues, especially if you make it easy for them. It’s then easily accessible to the readers by sharing it with them. The outreach towards their better understanding in terms of getting knowledge of any kind of information.

5. The subject line should be strong

Your subject line should be strong, engaging, and avoid anything that could be “spammy.” In addition, it is important to analyze the performance of your subject lines over time with your unique audience. For example, shorter subject lines might perform better with your audience if the majority of your users are viewing your emails on mobile.

6. Take the 360 view

Marketers often make the mistake of operating in silos and losing the lift that syncing up with other channels can offer. For example, if your blog gets a lot of unique visitors, this is a great place to push email leads and also the perfect place to capture the email address of those unique visitors. Social media is another complementary channel that can help support your email lead generation efforts.


For today’s employees, time is scarce. So a good lead-gen email is written like a good post-click landing page: In a concise way that prospects can evaluate and move on from. That means, using bullets to highlight the benefits of an offer. These separate the important takeaways from the rest of your text. Bold important words and phrases to ensure they’re seen. Being visual but not distracting from the goal. Any image you use should help the visitor evaluate the offer by providing information. A clear call-to-action that lets readers know where they need to click to learn more.

CROSS DMA identifies the funnel stage of the customer and accordingly creates the email templates that reflect the understanding of the pain points and providing the solution to the customer’s problems. Not just black and white copy, we believe in creating an attractive, colorful, responsive, and integrated email template with relevant visuals/images to amplify the brand features, benefits, and USP.

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