Warm Up an IP Address

IP Address warm up
Have you heard about IP warm-up?
Many of you might have never heard of this, or even after knowing, never bothered to follow the protocol. As you plan to add a new dedicated IP address to your account, there is a need to warm up the IP address, especially, if you have not sent anything for over 30 days. The question that must be cropping in your mind is what is IP warming? IP warming refers to the practice of boosting the emailing volume through a dedicated IP address as per the preplanned schedule. In other words, IP warming allows you to send a staggering number of emails to your sender while developing a trusted reputation. Although the process of warming up an IP address is a slow and gradual one, it is necessary to establish the reputation as a trusted sender of the email with the Internet Service Provider (ISPs). As a result, when ISP identifies any email coming from a new IP address, it will start analyzing the traffic that is coming. It is imperative to mention that ISPs are responsible to track the volume of emails in order to identify spam.
How to prevent your IP address from being treated as Spam?
To prevent your IP address to be counted as one of the spam email senders by the ISPs, one of the effective solutions is to send a less volume of emails initially and work out towards larger volumes of email gradually. This will make the email provider notice the spending habits and monitor the response of the receivers of your emails. Therefore a gradual warm-up could be an effective practice; however, it does not ensure that your sending reputation is great.
What are the various types of Warming up an IP Address?
There are mainly two ways by which you can warm-up your IP Address, namely, Manual and Automated Warm-up. Let us understand these two types of IP Address warm-ups in detail.
  • Manually Warming Up and IP Address
When you are manually warming up your IP address, you have to be cautious, especially in the case of a new domain or IP address. This is because the new IP address has a higher risk of receiving blocks, deferrals, and other email errors as the server of the receiver will not recognize the email. The best way to handle huge volumes of email is to segment your list of senders or break them into smaller lists according to the campaign schedule. As your IP Address will warm up, there are lower chances of deliverability issues and reputation.
  • Automated IP warmup

Automated IP warmup allows you to put your IP address into the automatic mode as per a fixed and pre-planned warm-up schedule. Under this plan, if the email exceeds the hourly limit, it will overflow to the other IPs that are available on your account. For instance, you can send about 20 emails in an hour on day 1, then 28 emails per hour on day 2, about 39 emails per hour on the third day, and gradually increase the number of emails every hour in a day for the rest of the days in a month. You can follow this schedule till you reach the desired limit of the emails in a month.

Handling huge volumes of emails in a day is not everybody’s cup of tea, especially when your organization is engaged to focus on 1000s of other decisions and processes. At CROSS Digital Marketing Agency, we follow strict measures to warm up the IP Address so that the emails are delivered into the inbox of the targeted email receivers. We take every step to ensure that the emails are error-free and do not land as spammers or blocked by the ISPs. If you are facing similar issues, we shall help you with sending thousands of emails to the target audience.

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