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Enhance Email CTR

Every day when you open your inbox you must have come across 10s to 100s of emails that request you to buy several products and services. How many do you actually even open up and check? Barely a couple of those only catch your attention and you read them. What makes some of those emails grab your eyeballs? What is so unique and attractive about some of the emails that make readers go through them? Well, if you are a marketer and the click-through rate (CTR) of your email campaign is going down, then it’s time to adopt a better email marketing strategy.

What is an Email Click-Through Rate?

Email click-through rate refers to the number of subscribers who clicked on anyone or the other links that are available in the email marketing campaign. The simple formula is given hereunder:

Email CTR = Number people who clicked your email campaign x 100
                                                     Number of emails sent

A click-through rate that is more than 10% is considered to be ideal for a successful email marketing campaign. Oppose to that, an average email campaign’s CTR is somewhere around 3.2% in the USA while the CTR of top performers is about 9.2%. However, the CTR varies as per the industries and sectors.

How to improve email marketing CTR?

A higher CTR reflects that your email campaign is successful and is going to drive more traffic to your website as well as increase sales. However, if the readers are not opening your emails, then your efforts are totally wasted and the email CTR will be lowered. An effective email CTR depends largely on the email content and design. Listed below are some of the tips that can help you in increasing the CTR:

1. Attractive Subject Line

The subject line is nothing less than any headline and grabs the attention of the reader. Emails that have personalized subject lines have 26 percent more chances of being opened by the readers. Subject lines should give information regarding the content of the email. You can address any pain points, generate interest, create urgency, mention any issue, ask questions, trigger fear of missing out (FOMO), etc.

2. Limit your words

Instead of lengthy emails, it is better to write short emails that will give the message directly. To avoid the readers from getting bored and deleting the email, stick to a short email that reflects your best copy.

3. Opt-In

When sending emails, the first step should be to send emails with a single opt-in or double opt-in. Single opt-in refers to those email addresses that are submitted without confirmation, while double opt-in are those email addresses with the confirmation email after the first sign-up. Sending emails to double opt-in is a safer bet as compared to single opt-in. This is because the single opt-in may consist of fake, or erroneous email ids. On the other hand, double opt-in protects from spam.

4. Design and Layout

An email should open up to give a better UX in almost all types of digital devices such as desktop, laptop, mobile, etc. When planning a layout, colors, placement of Call to Action buttons, size, visuals, text, font, etc. plays a great role.

5. Segment the entire email list

Not every email is meant for all those included in your email list. You need to segment your email list according to various factors like location, age, gender, interest, etc. Segmentation is an effective technique to target the right audience through your email campaigns. Further, you can segregate the list according to your followers who are highly engaged, least interesting segment, unsubscribe rate, etc.

6. Call to Action (CTA)

An email marketing campaign is incomplete without the call to action or CTA button. A CTA button should have the action-oriented text and induce the reader to take action. CTA should be highlighted with bold, bright color, highlighted background, and peppy text that will give a good reason to act. It can be placed conveniently in the email so it is easily visible.

7. Personalize the email content

When you create the targeted content for the readers, you must know who is the recipient of the email. Send personalized emails with content that is relevant to their interest, past buying habits, include offers, and use content that excites them. Including the name of your readers will add a personalized touch. Instead of ‘Hi Reader’ you can use the first name when addressing your reader.

There is no sure-shot way of boosting CTR, however, the key is to keep experimenting with creativity. Keep an eye on every aspect of the email that you are sending, improve the designs and text as much as you can. We, at Cross Digital Marketing Agency, provide email marketing services to the business organization who wish to reach out to their target audience and contact them directly through email. We create, and deliver the best email marketing campaigns that follow the latest trends, above mentioned tips, and increase email CTR.

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