Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

multi-channel marketing
Multichannel marketing is a combination of various promotional channels into one unified strategy for attracting customers. It is a practice wherein the organization communicates with the customers through websites, direct email, Direct mail (printed piece) SMS, SEO, notification, in-app messages, social channels, Google+, and etc. It can be counted as one of the marketing efforts to keep the potential and existing customers connected, engaged, and attracted towards the brands. Multichannel marketing is one of the powerful tools for an organization to attain higher conversion rates and interact with customers through several platforms.
What makes Multi-channel marketing so important?
Multi-channel marketing is all about continuing the relationship with the customers and giving them a seamless experience of buying your goods and services. The higher the number of connecting channels, the higher will be the possibilities of converting the target audience into your potential customers. At the same time, when you keep the customers engaged proactively, the chances of losing your customers to competitors are reduced drastically. As such, the companies open doors to expand campaigns and tap potential sales. Here are some of the reasons that make multi-channel marketing a beneficial source of driving more traffic towards a particular brand.
  • Expand your horizons of Reaching out to your customers
Multi-channel marketing allows marketers to expand their reachability to an increased number of customers. Nowadays, people use various digital devices ranging from desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, smartphone, etc. and they might connect with any device from any location. As such, multi-channel marketing enables businesses to connect with customers from any mode and at every location they are online.
  • Better engagement strategy
The power of multi-channel marketing is meant to unleash an engagement strategy for the customers on a daily basis. With the strategic marketing campaigns, there are higher chances of engaging customers to an extent of up to 72%, especially in the case of B2C marketing. This means that the customers can have better opportunities to connect through several channels. As a result, the marketing is not limited to any regional boundaries or time constraints.

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  • Boost Brand Image
Undoubtedly, the core idea behind multi-channel marketing is to enhance the brand image of the business. Being present online or through your mobile gadgets increases the visibility of the business through social media, video, and other marketing efforts. At the same time, you will be able to understand the customers along with their preferred choice of online platforms where you can reach out to them. Naturally, when the brand image is enhanced, it drives two positive results to the business, they are: increasing the sales and loyalty of the customers.
  • Stay ahead of the competitors
No wonder, the focus of multi-channel marketing is to attain a competitive advantage and to stay a step ahead of the customers. Constantly being in touch with the customers will not let your customer switch over to the competitor’s brand. Instead, the customers will prefer to stick to the brands that serve them better and maintain connected. As a result, you are going to increase your customer database too.
  • Easier to track the results
The analytics can be used to track the results of multichannel marketing to see the responses, engagements, and monitor which online platform is generating better results for reaching out to the customers. Further, when you identify the suitable channels which are preferred by the customers, you can repeatedly contact and engage them through similar platforms.
  • Generate higher ROI

The ultimate goal of any business is to increase the ROI, and multi-channel marketing is one of the best ways to receive higher returns on any business. Since marketers are able to generate a higher customer base and more conversion rates, therefore, the businesses are able to drive better returns from the marketing strategies.
Multi-channel marketing is an imperative part of the business and increases the brand value when compared to the single channels of marketing. Many brands have been able to enhance the conversion rate by up to 200% using effective multi-channel marketing. Therefore, it is rightly said that multi-channel marketing is an indispensable part of the marketing world.

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