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Digital Marketing Strategies for realtors
As much as the world is turning out to be a global village; a holistic approach to reaching your clients in the real estate industry is imperative to keep your business at the forefront. Talking about that, lead generation or converting your potential clients can help in the growth of the business.

Now, there shouldn’t be any denial that COVID-19 caused a strong plummet in the realtor industry. But as they say, there is always a silver lining behind the clouds. According to recent research conducted by a leading real estate sales and brokerage industry analyst company, the Real Estate Sales and Brokerage industry is expected to grow 0.4% in 2021.

Let’s be prepared and dive deep into how you can generate leads in real estate with the following 6 foolproof ways for lead generation.
Lead generation with email campaigns is a beneficial strategy to surface your business. An email acts as a bridge between the brand and the potential customers. It is estimated that there are over two million realtors in the United States, out of which over 63% of realtors are successfully generating leads by email campaign. Your email campaign newsletters should consist of professional values with a personal touch. Welcome your leads, surprise them with exclusive offers and produce relative content about the industry. Create the pain points, focus on the emotion, or simply disseminate information related to what the customer is looking for.
We are living in a click-bait time. Apparently, a user only stays for 3 seconds after he click-opens the website or any web page. So, you see how important it is to present an engaging and attractive website for your clients. If your website is glaring with cache data or bugs, it will be impossible to attract interest from leads. You need to stand out from almost 2 million existing licensed realtors. You can think of this process as an eagle eye visionary system which means look through your competitor’s website, and point out what works for them that is missing in your website. Then chalk out your plan accordingly and always evaluate and incorporate the latest industry trend. Remember, the internet has sprawling web development tactics. But consulting with a professional will always save your time as well as help you in creating an excellent and feature-rich website while highlighting the features, visuals, and including the necessary elements of a website.
As a realtor, well-researched SEO-optimized content is your tool because the keywords entered by the user in the search pages will make them land on your website if only it is ranking on the first page of the SERPs. You can build your blog content through a direct pitch or adapting storytelling methods about your existing customer’s buying journey. The possibilities of preparing and structuring your content are many as you can adopt informative, promotional or a combination of both approaches for your real estate brand.
Pay per click (PPC) marketing techniques can attract genuine clients as you are liable to pay only if the customer will click on your advertisement. Pay-per-click advertising can actually funnel your leads into business despite the advertising expenses. The real estate industry is projected to secure stable growth over future years, considering the housing need of a voluminous population of young adults. A strategic PPC plan can attract traffic and leads. Create display ads to pop up on other websites or opt for video ads to attract leads.
The scenario of the business world in Covid time is changing its pace rapidly. To maintain the social distance and stay-at-home norms, the virtual world has come up for the aid of every industry. With Virtual tours in real estate, you can offer 360 views of your listed properties irrespective of the location or the completion of the property. Prepare a description sheet before your plan a virtual tour for lead generation. Be generous while hosting, and market your tour while maintaining mandatory guidelines.
You need to have an opportunistic networking mindset, thus, build business relationships with potential business partners, clients, or agencies. A well-established network can help you tie up with agencies like insurance, investment banking, etc. In this way not only you can yield leads. In most cases, your network’s clients or customers can turn out to be your potential customers.

As the economy is forecasting a rebound pandemic trend, the real estate industry will generate more industry-wide revenue. Although, it is not possible to follow all the above-mentioned lead generation pointers successfully until and unless you take the help of an expert digital marketer. Cross Digital Marketing Agency (CDMA) is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Boston, MA that has helped various real-estate and brokerage agencies attain a competitive edge with more business, higher leads, and enhance their sales. Whether it is email marketing, SMO, SMM, or PPC, the reputed Cross Digital Marketing Agency has made all the marketing efforts for the real estate and brokerage companies along with creating various responsive, integrated, and attractive websites. Their professional team prepares a strategic plan before executing any marketing project with preemptive tactics. If you are one of the real-estate or brokerage companies that is struggling with generating leads or getting a quality website, then contact Cross Digital Marketing Agency for a perfect website that will build your brand’s online reputation as well as drive more traffic by targeting the right audience.

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