Happy New Year!

We want to start this blog with an incredible quote by Alan Cohen that reads – “Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.”

This quote is ever-green and is capable of giving us all a much-needed push when we feel a little scared, skeptical, or resistant!

The pandemic disrupted businesses, governments, and businesses in unforeseen ways, but it also forced businesses to consider a different type of future and embrace digital change. We know that most business owners like you and I may be scared about what the future holds and skeptical about trying something new. But, if you are considering boosting your marketing efforts with an online push, now is the time.

Customers now rely heavily on the internet to make buying decisions and digital sales skyrocketed by 18% since the pandemic started. This sudden Digital Transformation is here to stay and we have compiled a list of 7 marketing ideas you can use to create an online buzz around your brand this year!

Most business forecasts look cheery this year and 86% of users stated that they will pay more to a brand that places importance on customer experience. So, this means we as business owners need to have –

  1. An updated website that is user-friendly
  2. A social media presence
  3. Effective email marketing
  4. Amazing content marketing strategies

If you already have an online presence and are doing some of the above things to boost your business, here is a list of ideas to increase your engagement in 2021!

1. Run Contests – People love winning and a simple contest that is relevant to your niche can help you connect with your target audience. It will also help boost customer awareness. Example – If you are a personal growth brand, you can ask users to create their own motivational quotes and reward the best one.

2. Ask your customers for feedback and testimonials in creative ways! – Social proof is vital for business survival. You could run campaigns like “Help us serve you better” or “We would like to know you better” to collect smart insights from your customers. This will make them feel connected to your brand and give you the ability to perform a deep-dive analysis of their preferences.

3. Run giveaways – Every lead is valuable and a lot of people are looking to connect with a business like yours. Running New Year giveaways can help you collect valid leads that are interested in your product.

4. Promotions and offers – Everybody loves a good deal and people are lining up looking for the right one. Doubling down on coupon codes and offers is an incredible way to boost sales during the New Year.

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