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Marketing tips for small business

The holiday season is around the corner, but due to COVID-19, the celebrations seem to be different from past years. Pandemic has paved the way for more social and economic changes that hold tremendous business opportunities. Given multifaceted opportunities, small businesses need to look out for effective and affordable marketing tactics to get the most in this season.

The small business must invest in various marketing tools to delight the targeted customers and boost business activities at the same time. Following are some of the ways with which your company can enjoy the holiday party:

# Stay active on social media platforms

Due to ongoing pandemic norms and regulations, people will certainly spend more time on their social media accounts. Unlike large corporations, small businesses have limited resources, and they need to be more active this holiday season on all usual platforms.

This holiday season you can avail more opportunities to connect directly with your small community. Therefore, if you want to create a strong customer relationship, focus more on engagement. In the following ways, you can build the trust of customers in your brand while learning more about their wants and needs:

  • Responding to customer comments
  • Asking questions or creating polls for increasing engagement
  • Streaming live videos for more visibility of your brand
  • Encouraging healthy social discussions on your page
  • Reposting content of your followers on your stories

You can also consider creating a dialogue with your audience on social media as a part of an incredible overall marketing strategy.

# Publicize with relevant contests and giveaways

A most effective way to sweeten the deal for your customers and show them that you are not only cutting prices but also celebrating holidays with them is by sending them cards. Using promotional contests, you can add to your customer base in a very cost-effective way. Some of the ideas are:

● Organizing Twitter hashtag contests
● Caption a photo competition Asking fans to take pictures of themselves using your product for winning exciting prizes
● Creating complex multi-staged puzzle game
● Best holiday recipes contest

Innovation and creativity can give rise to endless possibilities. So this holiday season try finding out some fun and creative ways to make the giveaways and contests while keeping customers tied to your brand.

# Creating marketing segmentation

During the holiday season, every other brand is putting a lot into their marketing efforts. But the main gameplay to get more customers on your channel is by paying heed to the segmentation of marketing efforts. By analyzing what your customers are showing interest in and then offering them creative offers that match their interest, you’ll be able to reap more out of your customers.

● Sharing your campaigns
● Delivering hot deals consistently across all your channels
● Build an emotional bond with the target audience
● Showing gratitude to your customer by appreciating them
● Sending in a simple text message or notification

Segmentation is a tactic used to target groups of consumers based on their shopping habits. By providing your customers with a truly personalized experience, you’ll be successful in positioning your brand for maximum benefits with the upcoming holiday season.

Holidays bring happiness and energy, together with possibilities to enlighten your brand appearance. So, take out time and cheer up your customers with your marketing strategies during this time of year. Plan in advance and make sure that you do not miss any opportunities to market your small business.

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