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Customer Retention

Tips for Customer Retention

Businesses can be successful if they know how to take care of the biggest assets – that is their customers. You cannot ever underestimate the power of a loyal customer. The best digital marketing agency in Boston fills in the gap between the existing customers and new leads. You should concentrate on ways to boost customer retention through the following:

1. Live chat

Although this is the 21st century, real-time chat or communication is highly engaging. Many companies and businesses are now investing in live chat software to get a lot of benefits. The live chat customer care service is the best way to retain customers. No more waiting for the customers for a live person to answer and it is much cheaper to implement. With the live chat feature available, businesses can allow users to fill in their queries. Also during the live chat, you can configure to find the name, email address, phone number and the purpose of the chat when a customer comes on to the website. If you want to increase the chances for customers to return your business, you need to invest in a fool-proof live chat software.

2. Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the smartest ways to retain your existing customers by landing directly into the inbox of your existing and prospective customers. You should automate your email system and invite users to revisit your website. With email marketing, you can inform users about new offers, discounts, newly launched products, or other updates at a fraction of cost. With this, you will reach out to new leads and will also be connected to the existing customers.

3. Re-target visitors

There are various ways to target visitors, the company or the website using social media, mobile apps, Google Ads etc. which can be of great help. It Is proven by several creative content marketing companies in Boston that it takes a customer to visit an average of six websites before they can choose a product to buy. If the Google ads are used strategically, your business website can gain a lot of traffic from it. If your Ad pops up at the perfect timing, it is going to be a win-win situation for your business.

4. Customer feedback

Customers’ feedback should be encouraged and must be preferred for retaining the customers. Customers seem to trust the reviews, feedback, ratings and experiences of others more than the actual product description mentioned on the packaging. A website should give their customers an option on the web page to write reviews, feedback and their thoughts about the product or service after using it. It is proven that the customer feedback will attract more leads to your website.


The above-mentioned tips are some of the best ways a website or brand can easily retain the existing customers and focus on generating the new leads.`

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