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Today, digital transformation is changing the way business is done. Digitization can play a role in almost every business process and has the power to impact the bottom line as well as the customer experience. However, to be effective, digital transformation projects require specialized skills and knowledge, and most enterprises rarely possess this level of talent in-house. Working with strategic digital partners offers a quick, cost-effective and compelling solution. But how do you decide how to pick a digital marketing agency most suited for your business? Here are five points that can help you make the right decision.
1. Determine your business needs: Assess your company’s needs by weighing the current skill sets of your in-house staff; know their strengths and weaknesses so that you have a better picture of what you need from a digital marketing agency.

Maybe you’re well-versed with some digital tasks but are struggling with web designing or content marketing. First, understand your goals and what you hope to achieve from a digital marketing agency before deciding on one.

2. Set aside your budget: This is important, especially if you’re a small business with financial constraints. While experienced agencies charge more, picking a cheaper option could mean compromising on the quality of work. Once you determine how much you’re willing to spend, you can proceed with finding the right agency.

Ask about what types of contracts they offer—- month-to-month or long-term?

Do they offer multiple service packages?

Are they willing to negotiate by eliminating the services you don’t need?

Most agencies are flexible with their financial terms but you won’t know until you ask.

3. Review each agency: In your search for a digital partner, it’s important to review the agency’s website— their contact number, address, team bio and client testimonials—all these should be clearly indicated. Also, consider the agency’s credibility and experience in the industry and make sure it has the right team members to suit your project. For instance, if your company needs a logo, a digital marketing agency that has no graphic designer would not be the right fit for you.

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4. Check clients: Good digital marketing agencies are proud of their work and their clients. You don’t need to know all their past clients but if you can’t find a list of previous clients or examples of their work, that may mean they haven’t worked with anyone. It always helps if the agency has clients in the same industry as your business; it shows they already have knowledge in that line of work. You can also ask if they have worked with any major companies, which is an added bonus, as this means these major players trusted the agency with their marketing strategy.

5. Alignment of goals: A partner’s thoughts, work ethics, processes and priorities should be aligned with yours to ensure both parties are working in the same direction. A good fit would be an agency that sees eye to eye with what your business believes in. Choosing an agency with the right values and culture is just as important as considering the quality of their work. After all, an agency is almost like an extension of your business!

Once you’ve determined these five points, you can embark on the task of picking the right digital marketing partner. However, this is just the first step. What is most important, in the end, is finding and sustaining a genuine and mutually beneficial relationship between you and your chosen agency.

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Need a quote on a re-design or a new project? Give us details on your project and let us help you!

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