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Importance of Digital Marketing

No matter which direction we choose to look in, technology makes its presence felt. It is an inevitable reality at this point. 

We predict that technology will take over the business world and that we will have completely digital marketplaces soon.

An average human spends about 3.5 hours on their phones. This proves how extensively we use our phones and the importance of having an online brand presence. So, as business owners, it is our job to embrace change and reach our customers when and where they need us the most.

Digital Marketing refers to the process of creating and promoting content through online channels. Digital Marketing is extremely important to the success of a firm today and here are 5 compelling reasons that prove the importance of Digital Marketing –

  • The internet acts as a reliable source of information for your audience 

Today, it is more or less a fact that customers will “Google” your brand before going on to purchase a product. 

Customers turn to the internet to look up reviews, compare your product with the competition, and even get a glimpse of your brand story through your social media profiles and websites. 

In the past, branding was a one-way story. Brands would put out ads and sell products, but today things are very different. People are waiting to make a connection with you. They are waiting to be a part of your brand story, they are looking for authentic connections with brand owners and even posting real-time reviews. When this is the case, it is of utmost importance that brands understand and master the process of digital marketing.

  • Digital Marketing is affordable – 

Digital marketing is a lot more affordable than traditional marketing. One could reach the same amount or more amount of leads, measure results, and optimize campaigns for a fraction of the cost. And there is a lot of room to grow. You could do detailed email marketing campaigns, run Facebook ads, google ads, and even use YouTube as a source to market your product.

  • You can reach the right target audience with ease – 

Digital Marketing gives us immense power to reach our exact target audience. You can target the ideal audience based on their searches, preferences, and intentions. 

There is an ongoing joke in the marketing community. 

It goes… 

Where do you hide a dead body? 

Ans. The second page of google. 

Almost 0% of us click on the second page of google when we need some information. This means that smart Ad campaigns, SEO strategies, and digital marketing are vital for your business to grow. 

  • It is easy to analyze results and change strategies with digital marketing –

Traditional marketing channels make the measurement of campaign efficiency almost impossible if not immensely vague. There is no precise way of knowing what worked and what didn’t. 

With internet marketing everything is measurable. I mean EVERYTHING. Let us assume you run multiple ads, you will know exactly what resonates with your audience and what didn’t. 

  • You can increase your ROIs by way of increased conversions 

Every business owner wants 1 thing – an increase in revenues and profits. The conversion rate of digital marketing is higher in comparison to any other form of marketing out there. 

Digital marketing for a business can give you unbelievable results if you apply smart strategies and employ the right tools to do it. The stronger the strategy, the better result of digital marketing would be. Having said that, we all know high conversions are equal to increasing revenue of your business.

So ready to revolutionize the way you market your products/services online? We can help!

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