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Overview: BigHill Movers, a prominent moving company, aimed to boost its operational efficiency and customer service. They collaborated with CROSS Digital, a digital solutions provider specializing in services for moving companies, to develop This comprehensive CRM automation software was designed to enhance critical business processes, including estimating, scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and reporting. The project also integrated key services like website development and digital marketing.
Challenges Faced by BigHill Movers
Before partnering with CROSS Digital, BigHill Movers struggled with several operational challenges:
Manual Processes:

Time-intensive tasks such as estimating, scheduling, and dispatching were prone to errors due to their manual nature.

High Operational Costs:

Inefficiencies and manual errors significantly inflated operational expenses.

Customer Service Delays:

The slow response time and inefficient handling of customer requests detracted from overall customer satisfaction.

Inadequate Reporting:

A lack of accessible, real-time data made effective decision-making and performance evaluation difficult.

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Solution: The Creation of

To address these challenges, CROSS Digital developed, a tailored CRM automation software that also includes additional crucial services for moving companies. Key features of the solution include:

Comprehensive CRM Automation

 Automated processes for estimating, scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing, which significantly reduced errors and saved time.

Dynamic Reporting Tools:

Customizable reports that provide real-time insights into business operations

Increased Reservations:

The online reservation system contributed to a 40% boost in table bookings. The system also
collected customer data for personalized marketing efforts.

Enhanced Digital Presence:

A redesigned website with improved user experience, coupled with targeted digital marketing strategies to boost customer engagement and attract new business.

Integrated Services Platform: also incorporates direct mail and printing services, offering a one-stop solution for moving companies to manage their CRM, digital marketing, and other operational needs efficiently.

Implementation Process

The development and rollout of involved several key phases:

Consultation and Planning:

Conducting an in-depth analysis of BigHill Movers’ requirements and operational challenges to tailor the software features.

Development and Customization:

Designing the CRM to integrate seamlessly with existing processes at BigHill Movers, while incorporating additional marketing and service tools.

Training and Testing:

Providing comprehensive training for staff and conducting thorough system testing to ensure smooth operation upon implementation.

Launch and Ongoing Support:

Following the launch, has received full support from CROSS Digital, including regular updates and maintenance.

Results Achieved

The implementation of significantly transformed BigHill Movers’ operations:

Operational Efficiency:

Automation reduced the time spent on administrative tasks by 50%.

Cost Savings:

Streamlined processes and reduced errors significantly lowered operational costs

Improved Customer Satisfaction:

Faster and more accurate service delivery enhanced the customer experience.

Strategic Decision Making:

Access to real-time analytics and reports enabled better strategic planning and resource allocation.


The strategic partnership between BigHill Movers and CROSS Digital, culminating in the development of, exemplifies the profound benefits of integrating advanced CRM software with comprehensive digital services. This initiative not only streamlined BigHill Movers’ operations but also provided a scalable, efficient platform that other moving companies can adopt. stands as a testament to how digital innovation can drive operational excellence, reduce costs, and enhance customer engagement in the moving industry. This case study highlights the transformative impact of digital integration in the logistics sector.

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