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A Committed Crew Creating Change!

First, Cross DMA is a Creative Digital Marketing Agency that is fueled by the passion to help you grow.

We at Cross Digital recognize the need for small and medium-sized businesses to evolve in an increasingly digital world and act as a catalyst that enables this change through budget-friendly solutions.

Cross Digital only render services of the highest quality and build mutually beneficial relationships with our customers – If you grow, we grow!

We are driven by Passion

Your experience – You, your experience, and your growth matters. We are a customer-centric company. This is why customer experience is at the heart of all our endeavors.

Exceptional Results – We are privileged to work with your brand and every project is an opportunity for us to help you grow. At the same time, we put our best foot forward and deliver solutions that shine solely because of how extraordinary they are.

Continuous Learning – Operating in a highly dynamic and competitive industry, we must keep up with market trends and learn every single day. This is why we upgrade our knowledge every day and strive to implement our learning in every project.

Our Story – The growth of a group of dreamers, doers, and achievers!

For instance, Our founder Mr. Veera Mogilicherla came to the US with dreams to not only uplift his living standards but to contribute to the US economy in effective ways. He has established his footprint in the US with an incredible corporate career.

Veera noticed that printing was very expensive in the US and started a printing firm called Paradigm Graphics in 2005. He was able to grow his brainchild into a successful business through smart networking, marketing, and effective cost-cutting measures. Paradigm Graphics is a customer favorite and has a 5/5 ranking on Google.

After bringing a paradigm shift in the printing industry, he was propelled to bring affordable digital marketing solutions to businesses. He recognizes that there are some great digital marketing agencies out there, but certainly, very few that offer budget-friendly solutions to clients.

Veera brings to the table his diverse experience working for a multitude of Fortune 500 companies like Dell, Barclays, Unilever, GSK, AstraZeneca, Bristol Myers, TIAA-CREF, New York Times, Eastman Kodak among others, and his experience as a small-business owner running a printing firm in Boston. He resonates with the pain and struggles of a small business owner and wants to help others like him grow seamlessly with the help of effective marketing efforts.

Cross DMA is an extension of the Paradigm brand and operates on the same principles of distinguished customer experience, design excellence, and content quality. We chose the name Cross DMA as we have mastered the process of multi-channel marketing for small businesses and work towards establishing a truly cross-channel marketing system. However, we are adept at creating both vertical and horizontal partnerships with brands.

Our team has now expanded to a total of 9 digital transformation experts with an expertise in Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Website Design and Development, Marketing Strategy, Content Development, Lead Generation, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Our Vision is to be known as the best creative and cost-effective digital marketing agency in the World.


Great values are at the heart of everything we do at Cross Digital Marketing Agency. Our core purpose is to create unparalleled value for customers and help them increase their revenues at exponential rates. We strive hard to internalize and practice our values every single day.


Our mission is to eliminate the word “impossible” from the vocabulary of small businesses on their journey of digital marketing.


We at Cross DMA believe that our people are our biggest asset and pride ourselves in having the best minds working with us!

Veera Mogilicherla, Founder & Co-partner

Veera is a founding partner at Cross DMA. He assumes the role of a Project Manager, Designer, Consultant, Problem Solver, and Creative Thinker among many others. He has 30+ years of diverse corporate experience and has spent several years in the corporate sector and several more running a small printing and design business. Veera also resonates with the pain and challenges faced by small-business owners and hopes to help these small businesses grow and thrive even in the face of adversity. He has worked for many Fortune 500 companies and served clients in many industries like Software development, Marketing, Printing, and even Currency Printing.

One fun fact about Veera – Veera is an introvert. While he is a great team lead, he gains energy by being alone.

Jalaja Marripudi, Project Manager

Jalaja is a Digital transformation professional with over 9.5 years of experience. Having worked for clients in various industries like IT, Technology, Wellness, Sports, Recruiting, Staffing, Fashion, and others, she brings to the table her unique problem-solving abilities. She is very committed to growth and can often be found spending her time learning about something new. Her areas of expertise include Digital Marketing, Web Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and Email Marketing.

One fun fact about Jalaja – Jalaja is a positive self-starter. She says and we quote “Bring it on! I am able to take the challenges head-on and work through them learning new and exciting things along the way.

Shruthi Ramesh, Content Manager

Shruthi is a Creative Content Writer and Content Strategist with 3+ years of experience. She is an MBA graduate from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and has created content for brands in different industries including Education, Recruitment, Healthcare, Hospitality, Marketing, Mothercare, Childcare, and Furniture among others. She works with a trailblazing spirit and becomes an indispensable asset to any firm that she works for.

One fun fact about Shruthi – Shruthi never gives up. She is an extremely hard worker and gets energy from ticking things off her to-do lists.

Shilpy Saxena, Social Media Manager

Shilpy is a warm and loving marketing expert that has worked for various Parenting, Finance, NGO, Beauty, Food & Beverage. Astrology and Fitness brands. She has over 2 years of experience in the field and has an infectious energy. She is an expert at Social Media profile optimization and management, Instagram Growth Management, Facebook Lead campaign, LinkedIn Profile Optimization, Website Design, and Management.

One fun fact about Shilpy – She loves to travel, click pictures, and collect souvenirs!

NK Dewangan, Technical Solution Architect

Nk is a passionate technical architect with 8+ years of experience. He has a proven ability to think differently and solve problems in smart ways. Niraj is a master of many trades and has expertise in Javascript, React, Node, Typescript, Bootstrap, Material, PHP, SQL, DevOps, Agile, Kubernates, Docker, and Distributed System Design.
He is a team player and very easy to work with.

One fun fact about NK – He gets a deep sense of satisfaction after solving a challenge which makes him anxious for a while. Persistence is key to him.