Be prepared for Cyber Attacks

5 Common Dangerous Cyber Attacks Did you know that 43% of small businesses are the target of cyber-attacks? Every 39 seconds, a hacker attack takes place, according to a Clark Study from the University of Maryland.What is a Cyberattack? Cyberattacks are unwelcome actions taken by malicious attackers in an effort to acquire unauthorized access to …

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Professional’s Guide to SEO

Professional’s Guide to SEO Have you just launched your first website? Or maybe you are excited to hear about SEO and how it works so that it can be helpful for your business. This article will help you with information about SEO, how it plays a critical role in your business growth and how Google …

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SERP Result Page

SERP and Its Importance

SERP and Its Importance The Internet has developed into the world’s largest repository of knowledge during the last few decades. Today, if we want any information, we simply search in Google or Yahoo. Since you can search for nearly anything on the Internet. While this is a great advantage for the customer, it poses a …

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